Bootcamp: What Is It And Why Should I Do It?

Bootcamp is a form of fitness training that is performed outdoor. BootcampThis form of training is based on the training recruits in the American Army have to perform to physically and mentally prepare them for duty which is also known as Bootcamp. Typical Bootcamp training involves combinations of running and interval training, strength exercises and core training. Whenever possible the surroundings are used to perform certain exercises such as a tree branch for pull ups. Most strength exercises during a typical Bootcamp class are bodyweight exercises such as push ups, pull ups but climbing up and over obstacles is also possible. There are more specialised Bootcamp classes that do make use of training materials such as kettlebells, Sandbags and/or tree logs.

Advantages and disadvantages

Bootcamp training is a very effective workout and can be used for several different goals. During a typical Bootcamp class the participants run at a moderate intensity and perform interval training at high intenseties to improve endurance. The strength exercises are perfect to increase strength and especially local muscle endurance. A combination of strength and endurance training is according to many studies very effective for losing weight and burning fat. (This is supported by our own study to the effects of a Bootcamp training program). Bootcamp combines different forms of training and it therefore improves several aspects of fitness at the same time without specialising in one in particular.

For who?

Bootcamp training can be done by practically anyone. The exercises and training intensity can be adapated to almost all fitness levels and there are classes for beginners and more experienced and/or fitter individuals. A good instructor that helps you perform exercises with proper technique is very important. This makes the training both safer as more effective.


To improve endurance, lose weight, burn fat and increase muscle strength and endurance, Bootcamp is a very effective allround training method. Although these effects can take place with only one training each week, it is recommended to perform two to three Bootcamp training sessions each week, especially when you want to lose weight and fat. Choose a Bootcamp training class that suits your current level of fitness and experience and of course a certified trainer.