High Intensity Kettlebell Circuit

The kettlebell is an excellent tool to improve strength, speed, endurance and/or lose weight. And it can be effective in a very short amount of time. This is such a short and intensive kettlebell circuit. The combination of exercises makes it an effective workout for the core muscles, increasing core strength and stability which transfers well to other tasks and sports. In addition it is effective in improving speed and strength in arms, shoulders and legs. In order to improve these abilities, a heavy kettlebell (20-32kg/45-70lbs) is needed and care must be taken not to injure yourself. It is also possible to do it to improve endurance. A lighter kettlebell is needed (12-16kg/26-35lbs) and you will have to perform 2 or more rounds of this kettlebell circuit depending on your current strength and fitness level. 

General tip: practice the individual exercises so you can perform them well. During this circuit you will get tired and your form will not be as good as when you are rested. To minimalize risk of injury during training, you should be able to perform these exercises very well before you attempt to do them without any rest in between.


1x Turkish GetupKettlebell Circuit Turkish Getup

3x Single Arm Push Press

5x Front Squat

5x Kettlebell Swing

8x Alternating One Arm Kettlebell Swing

3x Push Press

1x Turkish Getdown

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