How to Barbell Row for best results

How to barbell row

The barbell row is a great way to exercise all of your back muscles. In particular the latissimus dorsi, lumbar extensors (erector spinae) trapezius, infraspinatus and teres major. In addition the posterior part of the deltoideus and the biceps brachii and brachialis muscles are trained as wel. This exercise replicates a pulling movement and is an effective way to build upper body strength and muscle mass. Being an exercise that has to be performed while standing in a certain posture, it often goes wrong which doesn’t help training results at best, or can be downright dangerous. This article will tell you how to barbell row effectively and how to avoid dangerous mistakes.

How to barbell row instructions

How to barbell row

-Stand with your feet beneath your hips and pointed forward. The barbell is just above your feet.

-Grab the barbell at shoulder width, both palms facing toward you.

-Your lower back is slightly arched and stays in that position during the exercise.

-Lift the barbell of the floor by extending the knees a bit.

-Maintain a bent posture, with the body at least 45 degrees bent forward.

-Lift the barbell toward the stomach and lower it again.


How to barbell row safety tips:

-The barbell row is a safe exercise for the lower back and upper back, if a bit difficult to perform correctly.

-Maintain the correct posture.

How to barbell row training tips:

The barbell row is one of the best back exercises you can do, however for best results you should add a lat pulldown or pull ups to your back workout and reverse fly’s (cable or dumbbell). This will help develop strength and muscle mass even more and eliminate any weak links (muscles) you might have in the barbell row exercise.

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