How to Deadlift for best results

How to Deadlift

The deadlift is one of the three primary lifts used in powerlifting and extremely effective in developing total body strength. It is a lifting exercise and has great transfer to daily activities. It is therefore one of the most functional exercises you can do. The deadlift targets many muscles among which are: the quadiceps femoris (thighs), hamstrings, gluteus maximus (buttocks), erector spinae (lower back) and gastrocnemius (calves). Since it is an exercise which requires (and allows) a lot of weight to be lifted off the floor, it is essential to do it properly. Otherwise back injury and lower back pain are bound to arise. To help you perform the deadlift effectively and safely this article will tell you how to deadlift.

How to deadlift instructions:

How to deadlift

-Stand with your feet beneath your hips and pointed forward. The barbell is just above your feet.

-Grab the barbell at shoulder width, both palms facing toward you or in alternated grip.

-Your lower back is slightly arched and stays in that position during the lift.

-Lift the barbell of the floor by extending the knees and when possible erecting your upper body until you stand upright.

-Lower the barbell to just above the floor.


How to Deadlift safety tips:

-The deadlift is a safe exercise for knees and lower back, if a bit difficult to perform correctly.

-Maintain the correct posture.

-If you have difficulty maintaining a slightly arched lower back, stop lowering the barbell sooner and/or use plateaus. If done often enough, your range of motion will improve.

-Go as deep as the range of motion of your lower back allows.

How to deadlift training tips:

Although the deadlift is one of the best exercises that you can do which targets a large number of muscles it is necessary to include other exercises to increase strength and muscle mass in the legs, back and buttocks even more. Squats, hip thrusters, lunges and barbell rows are excellent exercises to add to your training regimen. In addition, a few core exercises such as the plank or side plank can increase core strength and core stability which will help increase your deadlift strength even further. As an added benefit, this will decrease risk of developing injuries and lower back pain as well.

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