How to Military Press for best results

How to military press 

The military press is a very effective exercise to develop strength and muscle size of the shoulder and arm muscles. Specifically the deltoideus and triceps brachii muscles. This exercise replicates an upwards pushing movement and is one of several exercises that is very effective in developing upper body strength and muscle mass (for the other exercise see the links below this article). This exercise has to be performed standing for best results, however this also means that it often goes wrong. This article will tell you how to military press effectively and safely and how to avoid unnecessary mistakes.

How to military press instructions

How to military press

-Stand with your feet beneath your hips and pointed forward. The barbell is just above your feet.

-Grab the barbell at shoulder width, both palms facing away from you.

-Your lower back is slightly arched before lifting.

-Lift the barbell of the floor and bring it above the shoulders while standing upright.

-Lift the barbell upward until the arms are almost stretched out and lower the barbell again to just above the shoulders.



How to military press safety tips:

-Maintain the correct posture.

-The rest of the body remains still, no movements in other body parts allowed.

-Don’t overarch the back during the exercise.

How to military press training tips:

Although the military press is one of the best shoulder exercises you can do. Performing it while standing can prove to difficult. You can do it seated on a bench as well. This decreases the load on your lower back and you will also be less inclined to lean backwards to lift the bar easier. In addition to develop the shoulder muscles even better, you can add dumbbell side raises and dumbbell front raises.

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