Metabolism Booster: Barbell Circuit

The training for todayBarbell Circuit: A barbell circuit with super effective but surprisingly simple exercises. The exercises in this barbell circuit are excellent to lose weight, burn fat, improve endurance and the ability to deliver force quickly. This does not mean that technique is not important. If you are unfamiliar with one or more of these exercises, practice them with an unloaded bar or even a stick. Otherwise use a barbell with weights with which you can do all exercises for the given amount of repetitions. So do not change the weights between exercises because continueing with the training is the key to succes. If you have access to more than one barbell you can use different weights so for example the leg exercises can be done at a higher weight and therefore intensity. 


The exercises are:
10x Squat

Bring the barbell on your shoulders and stand with feet slightly wider than hip width apart. Make sure your back is straight and look forward. Lower your body and the barbell by bending your knees. Make sure your knees remain above your feet during the complete movement. Lower yourself until your back starts to bend forward, which preferably is when your upper leg is parallel to the floor or deeper.  Push yourself up again by extending your knees.

10x Bench Press

Lie on a bench, place your hands at 1,5 times your shoulder width at the barbell and bring the bar above your chest at armpit level. Lower the barbell until it either touches your chest or your shoulders tips start to point up, whichever comes first. Press the barbell up again until the arms are almost straight.
10x Barbell Row

Stand upright and grab the barbell slightly wider than shoulder width with an overhand grip. Bend over while maintaining a straight back until your torso is at a 45 degree angle. Bring the barbell to your chest and lower the bar again.
10x Military Press

Stand up straight and place your hands at 1,5 times shoulder width at the barbell. The barbell is just above your shoulders. Press the barbell straight up and lower it again.
10x Lunges

Let the barbell rest on your shoulders and stand up straight. Make a big step forward and lower your body until the knee of your rear leg almost touches the floor. Make sure the knee of your front leg does not go past your toes. Then push hard with your front leg so you raise your body again and return back to the starting position. Repeat with your other leg.

As with the other circuits, when you get fitter you can do multiple rounds of this barbell circuit to increase effectiveness.