Six Strength Training Tips

Although every exercise consists of different movements and uses different muscles, there are certain rules which apply to all exercises to train safely and effectively. Here are six strength training tips that apply to almost all exercises.

  1. Keep breathing during the exercise. Don’t hold your breath, but try and breathe during the exercise. This one seems very logical, but many people are inclined to hold their breaths when exerting themselves. This can be dangerous, as holding ones’ breath increases blood pressure more during exercise, increasing chances on developing an aneurysm, although this is very rare.
  2. Never overstretch any joints while they are loaded, (such as knees during a squat or leg press) or never apply great forces when the joints are at the end of their range of motion.
  3. Always perform the eccentric part of the movement in controlled and slow manner. Usually 3-4 seconds are advised to perform a full movement of an exercise. At least 2 of those should be spent eccentric to optimize training.
  4. Always keep the trained muscles active until all repetitions are done. Never let the weights rest on eachother or the floor when you haven’t finished your set yet. Don’t swing the weights or compensate with other muscles because the resistance or weight is too high.
  5. Make sure the machine or training bench is set up properly for you and make sure you train with a correct posture.
  6. Choose the right amount of resistance or weight with which you can reach the number of repetitions corresponding with your training goal and intensity.