Should you stop training when you feel your lower back?

During some exercises, especially exercises for the abdominal muscles, but also free weight exercises such as the squat, people feel their lower back muscles being active. It is often thought that this could cause lower back pain and should be avoided to prevent low back pain. Which is quite a strange thought, as every other muscle in the body may be felt during training. Moreover, when during abdominal exercises the lower back muscles are felt, it can be an indication that those muscles are to weak, which can increase the risk of developing low back pain. Muscles in the lower back should be trained as well just like the rest of the muscles.

As long as the exercise does not hurt in the lower back and the muscles just get tired, they are trained and there should be no additional risk of low back pain, when the exercises are performed correctly. Strong low back muscles, add to the stability of the spine which reduces risk of developing low back pain and it can increase strength in different exercises.