Does strength training make you slow?

Many people who practice sports in which speed is important, especially martial arts, don’t perform any strength training. Although increasing strength can be very useful in most sports, it is also believed that strength training makes the muscles slower. Slower muscles in martial arts, means less quick attacks and therefore less power behind those punches, and in addition slower blocks. But does strength training make you slow? Find out below.

But does strength training really make muscles slower? Bodybuilders are often referred to, and it is true that they are not known for great speed. However, one of the most important characteristics of a muscle is that, within genetic limits, it adapts to what they are usd for. If you perform slow movements with very heavy weights, as is often the most effective way to build muscle tissue and hence the way bodybuilders often train, the muscles will grow in size but will not keep their speed.

Fast muscle tissue is, so to speak, more expensive to maintain for the body, so when it is not necessary and other demands are made of the muscle it will forgo speed in favor of strength in this example. On the other hand, if strength training is performed with a lighter load, allowing maximum contraction velocity, the muscle will get a signal that speed is also a requirement, and will maintain or even increase contraction velocity.

In conclusion, it is possible to decrease maximum contraction velocity with strength training, but when the muscles are trained at the speed that the sport requires, it is maintained or even improved. Giving the benefits of improved strength with no drawbacks. Therefore strength training is also highly recommended in martial arts.