What is suspension training and what does it do?

What is suspension training and what does it do?

TRX suspension training is a new form of training which employs a Suspension trainingdevice consisting of a band with two handles. Because the TRX suspension trainer hangs from a supporting beam or branch, many different exercises can be performed which use the body’s own weight (or a part of it) for resistance.

Contrary to many regular fitness machines which limit the freedom of movement, performing similar exercises on the TRX trainer requires a better technique and more stabilisation of the body to perform the exercises correctly. Therefore more muscle fibers are activated to stabilise the body during the movement and they are activated to a greater extent.

The Core (center of the body, which includes the abdominal and lower back muscles) is effectively trained, which will increase total body strength because muscles can work together more efficiently. Additionally, energy consumption after training will increase as a result of the large number of muscles that are trained using the TRX.

TRX suspension training is an effective means to increase strength, exercise the Core muscles, to improve muscle coordination and stimulate the metabolism with the aid of a short high intensity workout.

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