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Metabolism Booster Kettlebell Circuit

The training for today: A kettlebell circuit for the more advanced kettlebell trainee. The exercises in this circuit are excellent to lose weight, burn fat, improve endurance and the ability to deliver force quickly. Some of the exercises are a little more difficult than in previous kettlebell circuit, so you might have to practice a little with lighter kettlebells before switching to heavier ones. Be careful with the last kettlebell rotation exercise. Don’t go to far and it is recommended to keep the kettlebell light (4kg or less) like in the movie.

High Intensity Kettlebell Circuit

The kettlebell is an excellent tool to improve strength, speed, endurance and/or lose weight. And it can be effective in a very short amount of time. This is such a short and intensive kettlebell circuit. The combination of exercises makes it an effective workout for the core muscles, increasing core strength and stability which transfers well to other tasks and sports. In addition it is effective in improving speed and strength in arms, shoulders and legs. In order to improve these abilities, a heavy kettlebell (20-32kg/45-70lbs) is needed and care must be taken not to injure yourself. It is also possible to do it to improve endurance. A lighter kettlebell is needed (12-16kg/26-35lbs) and you will have to perform 2 or more rounds of this kettlebell circuit depending on your current strength and fitness level. 

Kettlebell training effects on strength and power

(02-15-2013) Kettlebells are popularKettlebells training aids in strength and endurance training or used to improve sports performance in competing athletes. Few studies have been performed to kettlebell training up until now. Scientists of the Long Island University in New York were interested in the transferring effects of kettlebell training on strength and power in weightlifting exercises and set up the following study. 

Tabata training using kettlebell swings vs strength training

(08-17-2014) Interval training is increasing in Kettlebell swingpopularity because it is an effective method to lose weight, lose fat and improve endurance. There are several different methods, but the best known is probably the method of researcher Izumi Tabata. His world famous study investigated the effects of his Tabata interval protocol and had major implications for the world of fitness because of the great results achieved in a relatively short amount of time. Tabata interval training is not only applicable to running and cycling, but to almost any intensive training form. Because kettlebell training is becoming increasingly popular, scientists  from the United States compared a traditional strength protocol with a Tabata interval training using the kettlebell swing.

What is Kettlebell training and what does it do?

What is Kettlebell training and what does it do?

Kettlebells are weights that look like a cannonball with a handle. KettlebellsBecause the center of gravity lies away from the handle, kettlebells are very suitable for performing explosive movements. Kettlebell training is therefore often employed to let athletes perform better, because it not only trains maximal strength, but it increases the rate of force generation and how to make use of the increased force effectively as well.

Although kettlebells can be used for exercises that normally employ dumbbells, the main advantage of kettlebell training are exercises with which a large number of muscle groups are activated at the same time. This improves coordination between these muscle groups, among which the core muscles, strengthening the weakest link, which results in increased muscle strength. Another large advantage of exercises which activate a large number of muscle groups is that the energy consumption during and after training strongly increases, which increases fat oxidation and hence, makes losing weight easier.

Kettlebell training has many advantages and can be a very effective alternative workout for people who have been training with dumbbells for a long time, or those that want a high intensity workout to improve (functional) strength. However, because of the high velocity of the movements and large forces that accompany them, this form of resistance training is not suitable for people suffering from injuries, such as low back pain.