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Music influences recovery after exercise

Many professional and recreational athletes alike want to increase performance and undertake vigorous training or use supplements to allow them to train at a higher intensity or recover more quickly. But although the mind is one of, if not the largest limiting factor on performance, the effects of motivational music on performance, and how music influences recovery  in particular, had never been well studied up until now.


Lactate is a substance produced during the anaerobic breakdown of glucose or glycogen. This process is also known as the anaerobic glycolysis. It is continuously produced and can be used to generate more ATP in aerobic metabolism or transported to the liver to be converted to glucose. Contrary to popular belief, lactate is not responsible for metabolic acidosis, or acid buildup in the muscle.

Lactate Threshold

The lactate threshold is the training intensity at which the concentration lactate starts to accumulate in the blood stream. Lactate, or rather lactic-acid, is a by product of the anaerobic glycolysis, which is an system which produces ATP at higher exercise intensities or when the aerobic energy systems are not yet able to generate the necessary ATP.